What are Toolkits?

Toolkits are electronic collections of carefully selected information resources on a particular topic for health policy makers, program managers and service providers. They are based on a continuous publishing principle that allows them to evolve after publication to capture additional resources and to identify and fill remaining information gaps.

What is the purpose of this toolkit?

This toolkit shares tools and resources for designing, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating SBCC activities and programs for health, population and nutrition. It provides links to guidelines, research, curricula, communication materials, job aids, case studies, and other tools to plan, manage, deliver, evaluate, and support Health, Population and Nutrition services.

Who developed this toolkit?

The Toolkit is a collaborative effort of the Bangladesh BCC Working Group including the BKMI Project, DGFP, DGHS, development partners, NGO and other civil society members

Since April 2017 USAID Ujjiban SBCC project is providing technical support in updating and managing the eToolkit on a regular basis.

Who are the publishers of the resources?

Resources selected for inclusion in this toolkit were published by both international organizations and those working throughout Bangladesh to advocate for and to improve the design and delivery of SBCC for health, population and nutrition.

Who are the intended audiences?

This Toolkit is for program managers, service providers, advocates, policy makers, and others who are involved with SBCC for Health, Population and Nutrition. It was designed for use in Bangladesh; however, most of the tools and resources are applicable in any setting.

How do I get started using this toolkit?

To browse the contents of this toolkit, use the navigation to the right. Each section includes a list of a number of high-quality resources selected by the Bangladesh BCC Working Group. Click on the title of the resource for more information about it, or click on the full-text link to get direct access to the full resource. 

How can I suggest a resource to include in this toolkit?

We invite you to contribute to evolving and enhancing this toolkit. If you have developed or use quality resources that you think should be included in the toolkit, please use the feedback form to suggest them. The toolkit moderators will review and consider your suggestions. 

How can I make a comment or give feedback?

If you have comments about the toolkit, please use the feedback form. Your feedback will help to ensure the toolkit remains up-to-date and is continually improved. For example, you can share ideas about how you have used the toolkit in your work so that others can learn from and adapt your experiences.